The NCR utilises a federated model of governance and data collection. Data are submitted to the NCR by participating cardiac registries across Australia. Currently there are cardiac registries established in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. Tasmania is working with Victoria’s registry to submit data.

These registries are all represented on the NCR Steering Committee.

ACT Cardiac Outcomes Registry (ACTCOR)

Region: Australian Capital Territory


Coronary Angiogram Database of South Australia (CADOSA)

Region: South Australia


New South Wales Cardiac Outcomes Registry

Region: New South Wales


Northern Territory Top End Coronary Database (NTTCD)

Region: Northern Territory


Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry (QCOR)

Region: Queensland


Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry (VCOR)

Regions: Victoria and Tasmania


Western Australia Cardiobase Extract

Region: Western Australia